Last updated: 11/30/16

Questions and answers will be added to this page as I receive and answer them. If you have a question you don’t see here, please contact me and I will get back to you within 7 days!

Q: Why did you choose to fund Memoir of an Obsession with once-a-month recurring donations through Patreon, instead of a single-sum-goal fundraising website such as Kickstarter?

A: Basically I chose Patreon to fund this project, rather than a crowdfunding site that builds to one large goal sum over time, because receiving recurring monthly income is the only way I can realistically afford to devote any time to this project (i.e. you are paying for me to write, not for the publishing, at least not at this point).

So good news and bad news. Bad first.

The Bad News: I am currently employed “full-time,“ as my Patreon states. But due to my disabilities, I have not been able to work (or get paid) for several weeks now. Right now, I’m on “unpaid vacation” time, emphasis on the unpaid, while I wait for a doctor or doctors to confirm, in writing, my inability to work. Once that happens, in the second week of December (sigh), I can apply through my employer for 12 weeks of temporary disability assistance.

In the meantime, I’m adding to my partner’s minimum-wage part-time salary as much as I can, mostly with freelance transcription work online, and generally pulling my hair out (not a metaphor) as I scramble to fill the gap between now and receiving this theoretical insurance, or some other benefit that will keep us fed and housed. I’ve been forced to put a lot of my less lucrative, but more relaxing, work (my fic and this project, basically) on the back burner; which, by the way, doesn’t really make the stress easier. But there is…

The Good News: If I could spend less time transcribing keynote speeches and follow-up interviews, maybe because I was receiving additional money every month from Patreon, I would be able to use that extra time working on my book.

The steady income that Patreon gives me lets me continue to be an artist, and hopefully continue to be alive? I’m honestly not sure what I could even do with a large sum of money, received after the book is written, that would actually help very much in bringing the thing into existence; it’s much more helpful to me now, when I need to do the most marketing, shit-getting-together, literal writing, and social media promotion, all on my own time, and all “out of pocket,” so to speak.

My current long-term plan, which I will also go into in following answers, is to publish initially as an ebook, unless circumstances at the time allow me to spend more money and publish a physical book. But I don’t think there’s much point in focusing on that as a goal right now, when I have no idea how long this book will take to reach a state of publishability (researching that kind of thing would also happen during that non-transcription time you’d be funding if you contribute).

Q: How will money donated through Patreon be used?

A: Funds received through Patreon will go first to necessities (rent, food, medication) and then to purchases that will directly contribute to the creation of Memoir of an Obsession.

Below are some ideas (please contact me with yours!):

  • Upgrading Evernote account (3.99/mo for Plus, 7.99/mo for Premium).
    • So like I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I am autistic and I have ADHD. This is not a recipe for organization. Evernote is a crucial contributor to my ability to even sort of organize my research, citations, ideas, reference documents, etc., etc., and I guarantee you, the more I can rely on Evernote, the faster this book will be written. The PDF annotation feature of Premium would be an actual godsend.
  • Upgrading WordPress account (2.99/mo for Personal, 8.25/mo for Premium).
    • More or less, this book will be initially published on WordPress, and therefore I intend for the WordPress blog to be the hub of the project. Personal includes 3GB of storage while Premium comes with 13GB (I’m realizing I have no idea how much space a book-length work would take up…), but I’m also very interested in the ability to customize the site’s code more directly, since I still remember most of my HTML and I like things to be just so, formatting-wise, when it comes to my writing.
  • Acquiring research materials (prices vary).
    • In college, I double-majored in Accounting and Film Studies. In the Film Studies major, mostly what you do is write academic papers, and mostly those academic papers are research papers. As a discipline, film studies is pretty holistic, and you’re expected to do your homework before you open your mouth. It would be very useful to be able to afford reference books, books on theory, journal articles, legal copies of the films, television shows, and books I will be looking at for context, or subscriptions to streaming services where they can be found. Easy & frequent access to reference material is helpful—I can of course get some things through the library, but some things I will need to have around to reference repeatedly through the process of writing.

NOTE (11/30/16): About a month ago, my disabilities abruptly and unexpectedly worsened to the point that I was left with no choice but to take unpaid leave from my full-time job (see question above re: Patreon v. Kickstarter). Currently I am spending most of my time making doctors’ appointments, applying for assistance, and trying to make any money I can within my limited abilities. This unanticipated lack of income is the reason some/most Patreon funds will currently go to keeping me alive. I happen to think that keeping me alive is directly contributing to the creation of the book, but if you don’t like it, please don’t hesitate to cancel your pledge!